One of our specialities is online communities. We build, recruit and deliver tailor made, bespoke, always on consumer and expert panels as well as short term once off ad hoc communities. Some of Ireland’s leading brands already benefit from an always-on qual insight engine which is fast, versatile and capable of matching and exceeding most traditional ad-hoc qual project insights or impact and faster. We have proprietary access to best-in-class panel management software and have been refining the tools and capabilities for years. We have the best technology and smartest tools for building and delivering targeted communities and results.

Mobile Ethnography

With much of our lives being shaped by, and lived out in the close quarters of mobile devices, our mobile ethnography tool plugs our researchers into consumers’ worlds in the same always-on way that mobile phones accompany people throughout the day. We capture the key in-the-moment details and can even probe in real-time at key times or when specific events are unfolding if what’s needed is more than just observational insights.


Our fortnightly syndicated nationally representative 1,000 sample survey. Get all the benefits of a robust sample while sharing the set up costs.

Pricing Design Toolbox

We have a full suite of pricing and product design approaches. Let us design and advise on whether Gabor Granger, Van Westendorp, Conjoint or even a Max Diff trade off study is the best for you.

Data Visualisation

We have the best-in-class data visualisation software tools that are truly live and dynamic. Let us provide you with easy to read and easy to filter data dashboards which will make complex data accessible and valuable to your entire organisation and not just the marketing department.


Leveraging our Core Media parentage we can deliver an impressively sophisticated range of econometric modelling solutions. Once and for all answer that Return on Investment spend question for all ranges of marketing spend and activities.


Whether it’s behavioural, psychographic, demographic or a more tailored solution to segmentation let us design and deliver the most suited approach to allow your business identify and action clear commercial strategies that are built with your business and consumers at the heart of the segmentation rather than an off the shelf approach.


If you need to test, measure or assess a sponsorship property or performance, we have the expertise and tools to deliver clear and concise sponsorship insight in a sphere where moving targets and ambiguous metrics can be a commonplace challenge.

Behavioural Economics Lab

Let us put your consumers through our Ignite Behavioural Economics Lab. Through our unique and robust approach we will deliver a quantifiable mind map of your consumer based on Nobel prize- winning behavioural economic principles, and identify what really motivates them psychologically to engage or ignore your category and your brand.

Behavioural Change

Understand and redesign your consumers’ decision-making and choice architecture to increase the behaviour and outcomes  you desire. Understanding your consumer path to purchase, and points where prospects fall out of the sales funnel can be key, so let us use our consumer behaviour change programme to identify interventions to shift decisions in your favour. Move your target market away from undesirable outcomes to desired outcomes and behaviours. We will not only identify how to move the dial of behaviour, we will also quantify the potential size of the prize at stake if interventions are deployed correctly.

Web Usability & UX

For websites, and any digital properties, let us use our mix of retina scanning tools generating heat mapping gaze paths, consumer journey, user experience (UX) and navigation pattern architecture to develop and refine your customer-facing digital assets. Great for websites and apps in particular.