2017: The Nation's Health

We are approaching the end of January, and many people will end their resolutions to improve their fitness and diet. While many others will continue to become healthier. This week we spoke with 1,000 Irish people about their health and our results paint a picture of how healthy (or not) we are as a nation.

We asked people what areas they are most interested in and health and well-being tops the list. the only interest area which has a higher level of interest is entertainment for young adults. As a topic - health is always top of mind.

Across all life-stages  health and well-being  is a top interest in people's life. n = 1,000

Across all life-stages health and well-being is a top interest in people's life. n = 1,000

The majority of us (81%) believe we are healthy or very healthy while 47% of the population say they are over-weight. While we might be interested in health as a topic, we are not all interested in our own personal health. Some of us are interested in their diet, others are interested in their fitness and most of us interested in both.

Our five groups provide an overview of our relationship with exercise and food diets.

Compared to 2016, the number of people in the Active + Foodies group has decline from 20% to 18% of the population, however the number of people exercising a few times a week has remained relatively consistent at 60%.

How's your head?

Our report shows there is growing evidence that Irish people are engaging in practices to manage their mental health. From meditation to journalling, there is a growing interest in staying mentally well as physically.

Zzz: Sleep Management is practiced by 2 in 3 people in Ireland.

There is a strong intention by people to improve their sleep, from getting more hours or getting better quality. Our report will outline the numbers behind the zZZs.

Further information

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