Economic Crisis

Economic stories top July's list.

In July 2015, the stories that had the greatest awareness amongst the Irish public were economic - from Greece (ig 73), Irish Water bills (ig 64) to proposals to increase the minimum wage (ig 64).

85%  of Irish people were aware that less than half of Irish Water customers have paid their bills, and felt this was more important than the launch of Eircodes in Ireland - which 89% of people were aware of.

The other top story which people were aware of and felt was important in their life was the proposal to increase the minimum wage. 80% of Irish people were aware of this story, but only 68% of 18-25 year olds.

Stories measured in July 2015

  • Greek economic crisis
  • Irish Water announces less than half of customers have paid
  • Increase in minimum wage 
  • Racist attack on family in Clondalkin, Dublin
  • Launch of Eircodes
  • Permanent TSB admits “serious failure” in how it managed mortgages
  • Bertie Ahern appears before banking inquiry
  • Dublin hospital procurement officers receive gifts from suppliers
  • Enda Kenny appears before banking inquiry
  • Ed Sheeran plays Croke Park
  • 17 pregnant women are currently homeless in Dublin city 
  • Conor McGregor crowned interim UFC world champ
  • Croagh Patrick pilgrimage cancelled due to weather
  • Seagulls attacking people on streets
  • Increased support for independent TDs

Story categories

This month, we have grouped the 15 stories into five types:

  • Economic: stories which are linked to finance and or the economy.
  • Political: stories about the Government, politicians or party policies.
  • Entertainment: stories about sport, music, or pop culture.
  • Human: stories about personal experiences of Irish people.
  • Other: stories outside of these groups.

Do human stories receive enough coverage?

In July, over 100,000 Irish people went to see Ed Sheeran play across two nights in Croke Park, while on the same night, 17 pregnant women were homeless. Both stories received a different level of coverage and as a result, 85% were aware of Ed and 49% were aware of the homeless story. When we asked in the ig score, people believed that the homeless situation was twice as important as the Ed Sheeran concert.

This highlights that human stories, which do not receive as much coverage as entertainment stories, are as important to Irish people. Media outlets may need to consider their editorial policies.

Silly Season

Finally, seagulls and Social Democrats - more people were aware of seagulls attacking people than the increased popularity of Independent TDs.

While, commentators spend hours of radio airtime and inches of newspaper columns dedicated to figuring out the make-up of the next Dáil, more than twice as many people were aware of seagull attacks (55%).

As we enter 6 months of general election campaigning, the question will be whether politicians can engage them in their proposals and manifestos.