The top five stories which mattered to people in April 2016 all involved counting. From counting the days it took to form a Government, to counting the tragic number of migrants crossing Europe. We counted those involved in the 1916 Rising and we counted the continuing murders occurring as a result of drug gangs. The number one story in April was the counting of people and their preferences as part of the 2016 National Consensus.

Held on 24th April, the census is a key tool for us here at Ignite Research, so we are looking forward to results being released later this year. Interestingly, while nearly all of Ireland was aware it took place, only 59% of people claimed it was important. More people believed the Government formation was more important than the census, while 1 in 5 people were not aware of (or maybe interested in) the talks between the main political parties.

Social Concerns

The continuing migrant crisis remains to be a highly important issue for Irish people, while 77% of people claimed plans for the new Children's Hospital was an important story, with women more likely to believe this was very important.

86% of people were aware of the story that Luas strikes continue to effect Dublin commuters, but only 54% of people claimed it was an important story, Unsurprisingly, those living outside of Dublin were more likely to see this as unimportant in comparison to Dubliners. 

World News

As well as the migrant crisis, there were a number of other global stories have had an impact on Irish people. 85% of people were aware of Trump's success at becoming a real contender in the US elections, 66% of people were aware of the Panama Papers and 56% of people were aware of Obama interjecting on the Brexit debate. The greatest awareness across all news stories was the death of Prince, with 94% of people being aware of the story. Men were more likely than women to be aware of Leicester winning the English Premiership, but 69% of women knew about the success of the underdog football club.

Decline of Royalty

Finally, more people were aware (85%) of the Queen's 90th birthday than they were of the story about McGregor UFC 200 story (69%). It seems the real Queen is more popular than the MMA royalty as Her birthday was viewed as more important the McGregor story.