Stretched: The Cost of Living

The Cost of Living

Today FM's Last Word, hosted by Matt Cooper, has been looking at the costs of living in Ireland. From housing to groceries, the series has asked various commentators to share their understanding of what the current trends are.

We were happy to share some of our research in this space. I joined Matt to discuss the various costs in our lives and how these vary based on household and life stage.

You can explore the breakdown of every day expenses in our chart below. As people manage their personal finances, there are multiple trade offs made, from reducing spending on one category to increase spending elsewhere.

The Cost of Food

During the second week of the series, there was a panel discussion on the costs of groceries. As the second largest cost for most people, the discussion focused on how retailers have done a lot to provide value for money. 

The panel included Hazel O'Byrne from SVP and Jenny Whelan from Checkout magazine, who Ignite has collaborated with this month. Our annual report on Where We Shop is in the latest Checkout magazine, so keep an eye out.

The Future of Retail

Building upon this shopper marketing report, we will be looking at how Irish people would like to shop in our next event. The €9 billion retail market is ripe for digital disruption and brands and retailers will have to respond quickly before it is too late.

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