Women's Rugby, Healy Rae and MMA

The summer season often brings out silly stories, but the US President antagonising the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is far from comical. This story was the highest scoring news item in our July release, with 86pc of people aware of the aggressive politics. This was slightly above the news that Jason Corbett’s wife and her father were found guilty of his murder. 76pc of Irish people had heard about this story.

Summer Sports

During the summer months, sport often hits the headlines. Two athletic stories were included in our study - Thomas Barr's illness and Usain Bolt's defeat in the 100m in London. However, these stories were not as popular as the Women's Rugby World Cup or McGregor's promotion of his fight against Mayweather. Irish people believe the World Cup is more important than the Crumlin native with 57pc saying women's rugby is important in comparison to only 18pc saying the MMA fight is important.

Healy Rae Headlines

In politics, it seems Danny Healy Rae is better at attention grabbing than the new Taoiseach. Slightly more people were aware of Healy Rae's claims that fairy forts caused a dip in a Kerry road compared to Leo Varadkar hosting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Only 1 in 3 Millennials were aware of the new Taoiseach meeting with the progressive Prime Minister. This group was more likely to be be aware of the story that blogger SoSueMe (Suzanne Jackson) got married.