Who Attends Festivals?

We’ve teamed up with Livewire to bring you a series of reports that explore the nation's relationship with festivals. Through these reports we will be looking at our behaviours around festivals and the potential opportunities that exist for brands and sponsors.

We asked 1000 people who are nationally representative of the population via an online survey their attitudes and opinions towards festivals. In our last blog post (click here to view) we looked at our behaviour around spend at festivals and also the brands that we associate with festivals. In this post we look at who and how often we attend festivals.

30% of the population described themselves as festival goers. Of this 30% of people over half 57% said that they attend a festival every year. This equates to 17% of the total population. Interestingly both male and females are just as likely to describe themselves as festival goers and attend regularly (every year).

When we look at the breakdown of this 30% we can see that festival attendance transcends all life stages. As expected younger generations are more likely to describe themselves as festival goers however there is still a sizable proportion of the older generations who attend festivals with about 22% of Baby Boomers and 19% of the Golden Age generation saying that they attend festivals.  

We typically associate festivals with the younger generations however this highlights the engagement of all generations with festivals, from Electric picnic to the Dalkey Book festival taking place this weekend.

There is an opportunity for brands who are not traditionally associated with festivals to engage with festivals but also for brands who currently engage with festival to speak to a wider cohort of festival attendee.

To talk to us about the opportunities for your brand with festivals feel free to drop us a line below.