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Going anywhere nice on your holidays?

It’s the perennial stand-by question as winter turns to spring and summer holidays begin to occupy the minds of Irish people.

Holidays don’t just begin once you get in your car or on the plane, they begin in sitting rooms, curled up in front of the fire and on office lunch breaks on a grey February day. They are as much a physical escape as a mental one. A distant daydream; ‘something to look forward to’ to keep you sane on the more mundane days.

In Ignite, we never cease to be curious about the mentality of Irish people when it comes to travel, trips and tourism and the role it plays in our lives. Maybe this curiosity is a chance to daydream for us too.

Apart from daydreaming, there are a few things we know. We know that inbound and outbound tourism is in growth. The price of food and drink in restaurants and rates for hotels are increasing in Ireland. The value of domestic trips is looking strong, with the first three quarters of 2016 recording higher expenditure than the same period in 2015. This is an interesting time to be curious about travel.  

This is why we want to understand the journey from the big trip to the day out and the role they play in the minds of Irish people. The DNA of travel, trips and tourism from a decision-making journey (excuse the pun) point of view.

We will be launching our ‘going anywhere nice’ travel and tourism series over the coming weeks to explore this question.

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