The rising cost of housing is the real concern for Irish people, not Irish Water

In April, political parties finally made a decision on the saga that was Irish Water. With charges pretty much abolished, this issue has been discussed at length, but Irish Water is not the story which matters the most to people.

Forget Water, Think Housing

This month, house prices and rent rates increased again, and this is the story which is most important to people. While 77pc of people said the Irish Water charge story was important, 80pc of people said rising housing costs was important - this increases to 84pc of Millenials - those most effected by rising rent and lack of property to purchase.

The story which had the greatest awareness was the Bus Éireann workers on strike - with almost 100pc of those over fifty being aware of the story. The commencement of Brexit, the Westminster Attack and Trump's attack on Syria were the three other stories which Irish people were greatly aware of.

The tragic story of Rescue 116 - the Irish Coast Guard helicopter crash in Mayo - also greatly resonated with people. 90pc of the adults were aware of this story.

PR disasters for Pepsi and United Airlines

There was a strong awareness of Pepsi's new short film piggy-backing off the recent social justice movements, and a social media video showing an United Airlines's passenger being dragged off a plane. 87pc were aware of United and 44pc were aware of Pepsi. Most people believed the United story was more important, but Pepsi got one thing right - their targeting. Millenials and Gen Z were more likely to have seen the confusing film content.

Another brand story was Hailo's rebranding to MyTaxi. 37pc of adults were aware of this, increasing to 46pc of Older Millenials, the group most likely to use the service.

Those over 50 were twice as likely as those under 50 to be aware of Bishop Eamon Casey's death, and only 23pc of Young Millenials were aware that Enda Kenny denied he called Trump a "racist," compared to 62pc of those aged over 65.

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