Irish society: February's most important news stories


Claims of human remains buried on the former Mother-and-Baby home site in Tuam, Galway have been confirmed. The discovery of "significant quantities" of human remains was the most important story for Irish people this month with 86% of people aware of it and a corresponding 86% considering it to be important.

The second story this month was another investigation that has caught the attention of the public. The investigation into the treatment of Garda Whistleblower Maurice McCabe had 77% awareness this month and of this group 81% said it was important to their lives.

The past month has been about investigations with the investigation into the ‘Grace’ case being our fifth story this month. Although lower awareness than the other top stories, the story of ‘Grace’ and her terrible foster care has an importance score as high as our top story at 86%.

Travel Troubles

It is impossible these days to turn on the news or scroll through social media without coming across the US President Trump. However, it is promising to see that he has been trumped by other stories this month and is lower on Irish people’s radar coming up as our third story this month. While 86% of people are aware of his announcement for his reviewed travel ban, only 71% consider this to be important to them. Females are more likely than the average to see the travel ban as being important to them or their life.

Closer to home we’ve had our own fair share of travel obstacles of late and although it had a lower awareness than Trump, the Bus Eireann workers calling off the strike has been considered more important to our lives with a 74% importance score.

Irish Women Strike

Under 35 year olds considered the Repeal movement to be important to their lives.

Thousands of people took part in the march to repeal the Eighth this year on International Women’s Day. Participants marching were a mix of male and female but the number of women out was higher than their male counterparts so it is not surprising that this has also been reflected in our scores this month. The overall 67% awareness came from a much higher awareness among women and similarly more females, in particular those under 35, considered the Repeal movement to be important to their lives.

Marketing and Media News

This month, 68% of people were aware that Nokia was re-releasing the retro Nokia 3310, nearly as many as the 82% of people who were aware of La La Land being wrongfully announced as winner of Best Picture at the Oscars. In terms of importance, KBC announcing their commitment to the Irish market was viewed as more important than Norwegian Airlines announcing plans for low-cost Transatlantic flights.

The Ignite Score is built on a survey of 1,000 Irish adults every month.

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