1.5 million will attend a St. Patrick's parade.


In the last of our series ahead of St. Patrick's Day, we explore the most important question - how will you be celebrating the national holiday? With parades up and down the country, our research suggests approximately 1.5 million people will attend a local St. Patrick's Day parade. The majority of these people will be part of a Young Family - households with children under thirteen.

As most people have the day off work, 22% of people will do something else in their locality such as going for a walk. Young adults (people under 40 with no kids) are more likely to do something other than watching the parade and are 36% more likely to travel abroad for the weekend.

St. Patrick’s weekend is just like any other weekend
— 1 in 2 people over the age of 40 with no kids

Older adults (40-59 year olds with no kids) are most likely to say "No plans – it is just like any other weekend." So who will attend St. Patrick's Day celebrations?

The Parade: Rural Family Affair

Those planning to attend a St. Patrick's Day parade tend to be families. Up to 57 per cent of Young Families (kids under 13) will attend the local parade and up to 50% of Older Families (households with teens) will attend. Those living in a rural town are most likely to attend a parade, while those living in a city are more likely to travel "down the country."

Despite the large scale Dublin parade - attracting global visitors - it is the local parish parade which is most attractive to young Irish families.

Whatever you do this weekend, have a safe and fun St. Patrick's weekend.