Reasons we are proud: The craic, the friendliness and the Guinness

Ahead of St. Patrick's Day, we have been looking at how proud we are as a nation. 57% of people are proud of the country, but what is driving this and why are people not proud of Ireland?

Pride in the country is directly linked to people's optimism about the Irish economy. 52% of those who say they are proud are optimistic about the economic situation compared to only 24% of those who are not proud. Similarly, 25% of those who are proud claim they have experienced happiness the most in the past 6 months, compared to 18% of those who are not proud.

Pride in the country is linked to economic optimism and personal sentiment, but what is behind this? We asked 1,000 adults 'what (if anything) makes you proud to be Irish?'

Reasons to be cheerful.

The craic, the friendliness and the Guinness

Our friendliness was cited by 7% of people and craic was a key reason for why we are proud. Our sense of humour and conversation was a further reason to be proud of the country.

I like the image of Ireland as is seen by others, a happy and progressive country

A third key reason to be proud, was our reputation abroad. It seems that how we are perceived by people outside our country is important to us, possibly more than how we perceive ourselves.

The heritage and rebel spirit of our nation

People (5%) also referenced our history and heritage. Our Celtic roots and ancient traditions make people proud, but old Catholic Ireland was often a reason to criticise.

The Critical Mind

Its getting more difficult recently. The latest scandals with regards to mother & baby homes etc are absolutely shocking. The Catholic church had such a huge hold on the Irish state in general. The Garda corruption in the higher ranks is also disgraceful. Not a lot to be proud of currently I’m afraid.

1 in 5 people (20%) are currently not proud of the country. Much of this stems from institutions and state agents. The research was conducted at the same time as revelations about the Tuam Mother and Babies home, the case of 'Grace' and investigations into Garda Whistleblowers. Those who were not proud of Ireland were 10% more likely to be aware of these news stories and more likely to mark them as important in their lives.

To learn more about these news stories and other issues which effected people in February and March, learn more about our Ignite Score.

The last report published before St. Patrick's Day will be on how we plan to celebrate our national day - will you be attending a parade?