Top Stories of October 2017


For 24 hours, one news story made the Irish headlines - Storm Ophelia - which originally started as a hurricane. As people listened to radio updates and searched for live weather updates about the high wind warnings, Ophelia was the highest ranking story for October 2017.

Calling out Sex Assaults

However, a story which began to break in early October, has continued to make headlines and maintain interest across the globe, including Ireland. 86pc were aware that Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was being investigated on sexual assault claims and a further 82pc were aware of Kevin Spacey being accused of sexually assaulting a teenager. These revelations have sparked thousands of stories from Irish people affected by sexual harassment and assault.

Prominent men in culture, media and politics have been accused of sexual harassment and brave women have been stepping forward to share their stories. However, it is telling that the general public view these stories as some of the least important stories of the month.

It is more likely to be young women who rate these stories as important or very important.

Politics, Social & Sport

Three stories which resonated in terms of importance for Irish people were the budget announcements, the Dáil committee's recommendation on the Eighth amendment and the tracker mortgage scandal. All stories were viewed as important by over 60% of Irish people, but only half of the population were aware of the Dáil committee's recommendation on the Eighth amendment.

Similarly, only half the population (48%) were aware that Facebook admitted that it allowed Russian agents to run political ads in US election and only 31% of people were aware that a €5 million budget was allocated to the Irish Government’s Strategic Communications Unit.

In sport, 61% were aware that the Ireland football team beat Wales, which was less than the 80% who were aware that Katie Taylor won her first professional world boxing title. 

Tracking the Trains

A story we will be keeping an eye on is Iarnród Éireann drivers industrial action. This tracker only measured the first week, and 80% of people were aware and 60% of this group scored it as important or very important. Will these numbers increased as the weeks go on?

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