September: Serious Stories

The most impactful story for the Irish population was a global story, the relationship between North Korea and the US. 89pc were aware that North Korea launched nuclear tests. While this story had strong awareness scores, Irish people put more importance on a local on-going story - homelessness.

For those aware (74pc), the fact that children in homelessness reached 3,000 was the most important story for Irish people in September. This on-going crisis was viewed as more important as other stories which had strong awareness. Hurricane Irma and Ryanair cancellations had strong awareness scores, but were not as important as the homelessness crisis. 

Abortion debate

For the first time, the debate over repealing the 8th amendment, has entered into the top five news stories of the month. While this discussion has been measured before, it has never had as high an awareness and importance score. 72pc had heard about the march for more liberal abortion laws. Despite the march being attended by a young demographic, young adults and young families were less aware of the march in comparison to an older generation.

Of those who were aware of the march, it was their most important story.

George Hook controversy 

The older generation were more aware (94pc) of Hook's suspension from Newstalk in comparison to young adults (59pc). Half of both groups said this story was important or very important, but didn't believe it was as important as the debate about the HPV vaccine.

Women were more likely than men to say this story was important.

German Elections

Again, it was an older audience who was more aware of Germany electing a far-right AfD party for the first time, in comparison to young families. Older adults were twice as likely as young Irish families to be aware of this story.

Across the board, we continue to note how young adults and young families are not as engaged with 'less aware' news as the generation before them. This maybe a factor of time or the growing tunnel vision presented by social media platforms.


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