Who Trumped January?

Trump tops the poll, but Brexit close behind.

As news channels and Facebook feeds are swamped with Trump news, it is no great surprise that the US Presidency was the number one story for Irish people in the first month of 2017. 96% of people were aware of Trump's new role and of this group 61% of people said the story was important or very important in their life.

Theresa May's speech more important

In the same week as Trump was sworn in as US President, British Prime Minister Theresa May outlined her plans for Brexit. While less people were aware of this story, her speech was scored as having higher importance than Trump. Males over the age of 55 were most likely to be engaged in this story.

Housing & Health: Our Local Concerns

The third and fourth stories which matter the most to people is how activists occupied Apollo House highlighting the country's homelessness problems and the HSE reports that potential cancer misdiagnosed at Wexford Hospital. While one-third of the population was not aware of the HSE story, it was the highest in terms of importance.

Women, single parents and those living in Greater Dublin were more likely to be engaged in the story about Apollo House. This group of people are more likely to be effected by the housing crisis. The other housing story - first time buyers grant - was mostly engaged with those 25-34 year olds living back at home with parents. This is the group saving money to fund a house deposit.

The Eighth Amendment

The most important story for Irish women, was the Citizen's Assembly commencing discussions on the Eighth Amendment. This debate on women's right to access abortion will be an on-going story across 2017. We will monitor how different groups and regions engage with this story across the year.

Bruton and Baptism Ban

Another social story which resonated with people was the Minister of Education's invitation to the public to discuss the option of reducing the number of schools (96%) under control of religious orders. In general, 46% of people were aware of this story, but this increased for parents of school-going age.

Ed is more popular than Bono

Sorry Bono, but despite less people being aware of Ed Sheeran's planned gigs in Ireland compared to U2's Croke Park gigs, Irish people were scored Ed as more important than U2. It seems that the baton has been passed between two global music stars.

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