As summer ends, Ireland takes a bite out of Apple

The Ignite Score for August and September 2016 has shown the story at the top of people’s minds, with a score of 72, is Apple’s continued efforts of their infamous tax avoidance. Ireland has managed to get tangled up in this story which explains why awareness is at 91% and importance at 79%. The Dublin Bus strikes this month, which has affected an estimated 400,000 people, is our second story. It scored 66.7 in our Ignite Score index, with 93% of people aware of the story while 72% said it was important to them. Surprisingly even those who were not affected, as a result of living in more rural areas, still considered the strikes to be important with 69% saying this was important to their lives. In addition, retailers have also suffered as a result of the strikes, recording sale declines of 25% - 60%. 


Among the top stories was also the tragic death of Coast Guard, Caitriona Lucas, a story that was particularly close to home for people living in more rural areas with the tragedy having an Ignite Score of 65.2 for most but being the top story for them with a score of 79.4. While both men and women are equally aware of the All Ireland Finals, men consider it to be more important than women – importance of 67% compared to 62%. Baby Boomers are significantly more aware of the investigation into NAMA’s Project Eagle and similarly consider it to be more important giving it an Ignite Score of 62.3. 

What does Hillary Clinton and a good tractor have in common?

Our attention apparently. It would seem that Hilary Clinton falling ill in the last stretch of her campaign before the elections next month it just as well known as the Ploughing Championships, both at 85%. Despite the awareness of both of these stories being higher, the Earthquake in Italy and the controversy surrounding the Irish Olympic Council were measured to be more important and therefore receiving higher Ignite Scores of 63.7 and 58 respectfully. 

Finally, we can see that the death of Gene Wilder managed to score higher than both rental prices bypassing their Celtic tiger peak and employment in Ireland reaching its highest since 2009 with a 75% awareness of his death while only 58% and 46% are aware of the rental prices and employment levels respectfully. It just goes to show that despite the economy affecting our everyday lives, losing an iconic figure that we’ve grown up watching will always be the talk of the town.