Brexit: a major concern for Irish people.

The Ignite Score for June 2016, shows that Irish people believe Britain leaving the EU is a very important story which will impact on their lives. Scoring 84.7 in our Ignite Score index, some 96% of people were aware of the story and 84% said it was either important or very important. The measurement of 17 news stories from June also shows how the tragic Orlando shootings resonated with people, with 91% of Irish people being aware of this story and 78% of Irish people being aware of the scandal surrounding the charity Console.

UK politics dominated the news in June 2016, with more Irish people aware of David Cameron's retirement than the establishment of an Irish Water review. Only two-thirds of people were aware that Irish Water is to be reviewed. More people were aware that the Irish golfers were not competing in the Olympics as well as the Irish football team's performance in the Euros.

Women engaged more with social stories including the Gay Pride celebrations, the Orlando shootings, Console and Dublin gangland shootings, in comparison with men who were engaged more with sports stories. Those under 35 were more aware of the death of Anton Yelchin, Pride celebrations and Ireland's run in the Euros. Those over 50 were more aware of Joe Biden's visit and the scandal surrounding Console.

With a very busy month of July including international terror attacks, US elections and Anglo-Irish politics, the next Ignite Score will be measured and published in the coming weeks.