Euros Fan Fare

As a nation we’re sports mad and there’s no doubt that the country gets a buzz whenever a major tournament comes around. More often than not we are usually just happy to take part despite what others have said previously. 

We've been busy behind the scenes working with our friends at livewire on the sports marketing involved in Euro 2016. In this latest post we’re going to look at the level of interest that Irish people have in the tournament.  

Just over half (52%) of the population say that they’re going to watch the European Championships this summer. This is great news for sponsors and brands that are looking to promote their brand on the back of tournament.

Generally speaking the country gets a lift off of a major sporting tournament and in the weeks up to the tournament 92% of those who are going to watch the tournament agree that the country gets a lift when the Irish team are doing well. So, brands and sponsors will be hoping that the team do better than they did 4 years ago in Poland & Ukraine. 

Nearly a quarter of people who say that they will watch the tournament will try and watch all of the games, we call these Die Hard Fans, unsurprisingly this cohort is primarily male and under the age of 35. A slightly less hard-core group of fans are Reality Fans (41%), this group is made up of people that say that they will watch most but not all of the matches, while 35% of people which we label as Casual Fans say that they will only watch a few matches (e.g the team that they support, a certain team or from a certain stage of the tournament). This cohort of fans is mainly made up of females which highlights that brands looking to connect with fans during the tournament should not necessarily be targeting the red blooded sporting male. 

Either way across June and July brands will have plenty of opportunity to engage and interact with all those who take part in the fan fare.