A Social Event

There are endless ways through which fans watch and engage with sporting events nowadays. We've been busy behind the scenes working with our friends at livewire on the sports marketing involved in Euro 2016 along with the attitudes and opinions held towards the tournament. In this latest post we’re going to look at how people and in particular how the different fan cohorts below are going to watch and engage with Euro 2016.

Unsurprising the majority of people will watch Euro 2016 on a TV at home. However the good news for publicans is that 36% say that we will watch a game at some point in a pub.

In terms of second screening 53% of those who will watch the tournament will use a second screen at some point while watching matches, 32% will use a laptop or computer while 46% will also use a smartphone.

Interestingly Die Hard Fans are most likely to use a second device to watch matches during the tournament with 44% opting to use a laptop / computer. Reality Fans are also likely to use a plethora of devices while watching the games which indicates when they're sitting down to watch a game that they want the full rounded experience and to consume as much content as possible. 

On the contrary Casual Fans are the least likely to use a second screen, it's possible that Casual Fans are more likely to be in a social setting and don't see the need for a second screen as where Die Hard Fans and Reality Fans are hungry for content while watching.

Facebook will be the most popular social media platform during the tournament with 52% of those who will look at content saying that they will use the site. However 30% of those who will second screen say that they won’t use any social media platforms, we can only speculate that they will look to news and sport sites to consume content.

Nevertheless Euro 2016 promises to be an always on tournament. Brands will be prominent and fighting for attention across all platforms and screens. However as was a key component of the last tournament, the sharability of organic content and videos by fans at the tournament may once again dominate the conversation and screens.