Attitudes and Opinions Going in to Euro 2016

For the first time ever the European Championships will contain 24 teams. Along with the expanded format this tournament will deal with the highest threat of terrorism that a tournament has to deal with for a long time. We've been busy behind the scenes working with our friends at livewire on the sports marketing involved in Euro 2016 along with looking at the attitudes and opinions held towards the tournament. In this latest post we’re going to look at how the public are feeling about the tournament before it's even started.

With the expansion of the European championships from 16 to 24 teams many fans questioned the reasoning behind the decision. Many argued that the quality of the tournament would suffer while others championed the fact that an expended tournament meant more opportunities for the smaller nations to be involved. This has rung through with the likes Albania, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia and wales all being involved in the fan fair for the first time, and of course it’s important to note Ireland would not be involved but for the expanded format. Despite the debate 60% of people who will watch Euro 2016 agree that soccer tournaments have become overly corporate. 

As highlighted above another area receiving publicity in the run up to the tournament is the safety of fans. Following the Paris attacks security is to be stepped up at the tournament and 65% of those who will watch the tournament have concerns over fan safety. Interesting ¾ of those who will be attending a match at the tournament have concerns over fan safety.

Either way there will be a lot of interest both on and off the pitch in relation to Euro 2016 over the next month or so.