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In the last post we looked at awareness levels Irish people, comparing official sponsors with general football sponsors. We did some further research with our colleagues over at Livewire exploring attitudes towards brands who are sponsors of Euro 2016 and also brands who aren’t but are attributed towards other football sponsorship's such as the Premier League and World Cup.

Hyundai & Kia who are the jointly sponsoring the tournament and supplying vehicles for Euro 2016 had just over half (38%) the sponsorship awareness of Adidas (62%), yet when asked how positively they felt towards the brands, Hyundai & Kia scored higher than Adidas (38% vs. 36%). However when people were asked if they more likely to buy from that brands as a result of their sponsorship of Euro 2016 Adidas scored higher than Hyundai & Kia (21% vs. 18%).

Are you more positive /negative towards the following brands as a result of their sponsorship of Euro 2016?

When we asked people who they thought were the sponsors of the Irish Soccer team, Irish people were aware of all of the sponsors except for D.I.D electrical and SportsDirect. Naturally Three came out as the most well-known sponsor as they are the jersey sponsor at 68% awareness. The least well-known sponsors were CityJet and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade who were both at 11% awareness.

Which of the following brands do you think sponsor the Irish Soccer team?

Even at such low awareness CityJet was second highest in terms of generating feelings of positivity at 42%, this is possibly due to the airline offering cheaper flights over to the euros and also being the airline that brought the team over. Major sponsors like Three and Aviva only scored 33%, however when asked how likely they were to buy from these brands Nivea Men came out on top with 25%, CityJet coming second with 24% and with Aviva, SSE Airtricity, Umbro and the Department of Foreign Affairs and trade all coming tied last at 14%.

 credit: Irish Independent

credit: Irish Independent

Regardless of how likely we are to buy from these brands, the most appealing thing that sponsors can do according to fans is to give out free merchandise which tops the table at 50% appeal, we all love getting something for nothing!