Brussels & Buncrana matter the most in March

Two tragic stories topped the news stories which resonated with Irish people in March 2016. Terror in Brussels and tragedy in Buncrana. 97% and 91% of people were aware of these stories and rated them high in terms of having an importance in their life. As we saw in 2015, stories like the Paris attacks and the awful Berkeley balcony accident tend to resonate with Irish people.

Despite the refugee crisis having a consistently high awareness across 2015, only 65% of people were aware that Turkey would be taking in refugees to ease the crisis for Europe.

No Government, no Problem

The third story which rated highly was the fact the the Irish people were unable to vote in a Government, the same weeks when the nation commemorated the 1916 Rising. Young men living in cities are less bothered than any other group about the lack of Government, while those under 35 were more likely to believe the 1916 commemorations were important to them.

It seems that a young population believe in the ideals and vision of Pearse and Connolly, more than believing in the uncertainty of Kenny and Martin.

Luas strike not a priority for people

There seems to be a little interest in the Luas drivers actions, with 58% of people claiming it is important or very important, however another ten stories scored higher in terms of importance. While 87% of Irish people are aware of the industrial action, more people believe the eviction of Irish families by "vulture funds" is important.

 Sir George Martin, Producer with The Beatles

Sir George Martin, Producer with The Beatles

Older men more likely to remember the fifth Beatle

2 in 5 Irish people were aware of George Martin passing away and 58% believe it was important or very important. 51% of those over 50 were aware, compared to 30% of those under 35. Men were 25% more likely than women to be aware of this story.

Twice as many people were aware of Conor McGregor losing his UFC fight than the pay demands from their County Councillors.

79% of people followed Conor McGregor's loss, compared to 31% of people who were aware that local councillors called for 40% pay increase due to workload. However more people believed McGregor was of less importance than the pay demands of councillors.

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