Netflix & WhatsApp are stealing our time

This is part 3 of our series called Project Connect - looking at how and why Irish people use TV and broadband services in Ireland.

In our previous report, we profiled how and why people use broadband and TV services at home. These three motivational types are Entertainment Enthusiasts, Information Seekers and Social Chatters.

This report will look deeper into their profiles and outline how each of these groups spend their evening - some listening to the latest music on Spotify, while others love to have a good natter on the phone.

TV continues to play a crucial role in our evenings

We like to relax in the evening and two out of the top three activities that we do fall into the category of entertainment. TV and broadband providers facilitate the channels which keep us entertained. 1 in 2 people say that they watch TV a lot in the evening, while 30% say that they watch movies and a further 35% of people watch the news on TV - moving more towards the Information Seeker type.

Entertainment Enthusiasts veg on visual content

This group is 23% more likely than the average adult watch a lot of TV in the evenings but traditional TV is not their only destination, as they are also 13% more likely to watch or stream movies and 13% more likely to watch Netflix TV shows.

Interestingly, what could be considered more of an Information Seeker activity, the viewing of documentaries by this group is also high (30% of the group), giving rise to the popularity of Netflix series such as Making a Murderer.

Social Chatters gather social currency

While this group watches TV, Social Chatters are less likely than the average adult to watch traditional TV. Instead, they spend their time collecting content online or stay up to date with the latest boxset to share and chat about them with friends.

Social chatters are 25% more likely to use social media in the evening with 1 in 3 using facebook, 50% more likely to chat with friends and family on the phone and 50% more likely to use messaging apps such as Messenger or WhatsApp.

This group is also more likely to watch Netflix, listen to music on Spotify or watch YouTube videos suggesting this group likes to keep up to date with content (e.g. TV shows, music or trending videos) in order to have social currency when chatting with friends and family.

Information Seekers have a growing mindset

Our final group, those who spend over 30 minutes staying up to date with news, hobbies or learning something new are 15% more likely to watch the news on TV, 15% more likely to read news and 15% more likely to watch documentaries.

This group likes to learn and inform themselves about the world.

1 in 5 within the group read news on mobile apps and 8% watch thought provoking videos online such as TED talks. They are less likely to watch TV or use social media, and instead prefer to use the internet to learn.

These three groups indicate why people use broadband and TV services in their life. They are not unique to a demographic or region, but instead based on their need states. Any brand offering solutions in home entertainment, education, or communication should acknowledge that Irish people have different motivations and behaviours when spending their time at home.

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