What song are you listening to?

Secret listening

When you walk into any modern open plan office in 2016, it is no surprise to see headphones on many employees working away, tapping their feet to their favourite tunes.

But what are they listening to?

To answer this question, and to understand the role of broadband in helping us stream our favourite music, we at Ignite tracked all the songs we listened to in February. Using Last.FM, Google Docs, Spotify and YouTube we kept an ear on the tunes of the month.

We listened to music for 4 days, 8 hours, and 29 mins

In February, the team at Ignite listened to 1,555 music tracks and on average streamed 250 minutes of music every day. Monday was the most music filled day of the week, when we listened to over 100 tracks to kick-start the week.

Our Guilty Pleasures

What songs and artists got us through the days? Safe to say we have an eclectic taste within the team, from electronic to rock - we have covered it all. The Beatles catalogue was recently released on Spotify and they have 6.5 million listeners every month. The Ignite team are also fans of the fab four with the group topping our chart ahead of Paul Weller and Phil Collins. It seems some of the team are fans of music from the 60s and 70s more than any other decade.

The top ten also included 90s ambient artist Air, BBC Sound of 2016 Jack Garratt (listen below) and Britpop band Blur. If you look closely one member of the team listened to the girl power of Spice Girls while also the mindfulness sounds of Deepak Shopra!

Take a listen

This completes our Project Connect series looking at how we use TV and broadband. If you would like to listen to the music tracks which we have been listening to during this project, you can open up your Spotify and hit play now.