Why we connect with Sky, Virgin, eir and more

1 in 5 use little of their TV and broadband services

This group spends less time with tech in their home than the average Irish adult - spending less than two hours watching TV, less than 30 minutes seeking out information online and less than 30 minutes chatting with friends.


This group is more likely than the average adult to use Virgin Media (previously UPC) for their TV and/or broadband. They are less likely to have switched in the past 12 months, but where they have they have moved to a mobile broadband provider, potentially as a result of not needing a great level of service.

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What about the other three groups? What TV and broadband providers do they use for entertainment, socialising and learning? How will these providers respond to these need states?

Entertainment Enthusiasts are Sky loyalists

Those who spend over 2 hours watching TV shows, films, listening to music or gaming are more likely to be Sky TV and Sky Broadband customers. Sky have always had their TV and film content at the centre of their brand propositions and it seems this group has responded to this offering more than the average adult.

Information Seekers use multiple services

Those who spend over 30 mins staying up to date with news, hobbies or learning something new do so with various services from fixed line Sky broadband and eir to mobile broadband from 3 Mobile and Meteor. There is no great differences in who this group turns to for their TV service.

Social Chatters rely on their Mobile Providers

This group, who spend over 30 mins talking with friends or family on the phone, messaging apps or video chats rely on mobile broadband providers such as Vodafone, 3 Mobile and Meteor for their broadband fix. They are also more likely to have Sky as their TV provider - suggesting that films and TV shows maybe a key part of their chats with friends and family.

Further research

Ignite Research has further information on all the TV and broadband providers and their customers, which is available in our full report. To register for this full report, please leave your details with us.

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