Have we recovered?

For the past number of years, our State of the Nation study has tracked the key concerns of Irish people and has focused on how people feel about the economic conditions. We have outlined how there has been recovery in specific regions of the country and how a three-tier economy has developed. Those living outside Dublin have not felt the impact of an economic recovery as those living in rural areas.

Country is in better shape but not everyone is feeling recovery
— Enda Kenny

The Fine Gael communications platform is built on continuing the recovery - but what if enough people do not believe the recovery has happened or had an impact on their life?

Any messaging strategy which reminds Irish people that economic stats suggest we have recovered at a national level, must also be cautious as recovery is about a feeling. It is the emotions related to control, contentment or confidence. Political parties, organisations or brands which talk about recovery must ensure that the people they are talking with, feel it.

The risk is that people will ask - what recovery?

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