The 3 Digital Motivations

The internet has enabled entertainment, empowerment and community engagement.

In this report, we are going to profile the three motivations for using broadband and TV services at home. This series will profile people based on their need states - how we are using these services and why we are using them. 

How do you spend your time?

We asked 1,000 internet users to tell us how they use broadband and TV services based on how they spend their time in the evening. The results provide us with a snapshot of how we entertain, communicate and inform ourselves in 2016.

On average, internet users claimed they spent 119 minutes watching TV shows, films, listening to music or gaming. This maybe a conservative estimate, as Nielsen/TAM which measures TV viewership, suggests TV viewership is closer to 202 minutes, but this segmentation allows us to see who is more or less likely to be Entertainment Enthusiasts. Whether it is streaming an album on Spotify, watching the latest series on Netflix or watching RTE's Winning Streak, this group likes to be entertained.

Each evening, the average adult spends 50 minutes staying up to date with news, a hobby or learning something new. The internet has provided an open library of learning for people. From figuring out food and cooking to learning how to play the guitar, Irish people are spending a considerable amount of time being Information Seekers.

The third profile we look at is in relation to being social - spending time talking with friends or family on the phone, using messaging apps or video chats. We spend up to, on average, 38 minutes being Social Chatters. From Facebook to WhatsApp, there are many ways for people to stay connected and feel a sense of belonging. 

Ignite Beats

Here, at Ignite, we have also tracked how we use online services - particularly streaming music. You can listen to our Ignite Beats playlist which has every track our team has played in February 2016. You can also get a breakdown of the guilty pleasures we listen to.

2016: We are all now connected

We have come along way from the early days of the dial-up internet connection, which allowed us to slowly download a news site, email a friend abroad or compare your view counts on Bebo.

A lot has also changed in TV land - with people binging on boxsets and not relying entirely on the Late Late Show for their entertainment fix. This series - Project Connect - will outline how we are using streaming services such as Netflix and choosing TV providers based on their content offerings.

It is worth noting how broadband access has improved from 67% of households in 2009 to 85% of households in 2015. Dubliners have the highest level of online access (9 in 10 people), while the west coast has the lowest with 79% of people having access. According to CSO data, digital communication is the most popular online activity people have engaged with in the past 3 months - with 84% of the those with internet access sending an email and 66% going on social networks. 

Three Profile Types

We asked 1,000 internet users in February 2016 about how they spend their time at home and found 56% of internet users spend more than 2 hours watching TV, films, listening to music or gaming (Entertainment Enthusiasts), 62% spend over 30 minutes being Information Seekers and 49% spend over 30 minutes chatting with others - Social Chatters.

To find out the profile of these groups, the activities they engage in (watching RTE, Netflix, listening to Spotify, etc) and the brands (Sky, eir, Virgin Media, Vodafone, 3 Mobile, etc) they use, sign up below for further updates on Project Connect.