State of the Nation: 1.5m people are happy.

We are becoming more optimistic.

The number of Irish people optimistic about the future of Ireland's economy remains over one million people, with a slight decline from our pre-Christmas wave when 37% of the population claimed they were optimistic about the future of Ireland's economy.

In contrast, 17% of the population are somewhat pessimistic with a further 5% very pessimistic about the economy. While the size of this group has been shrinking for the past 12 months, this equates to 750,000 Irish adults.

Paying bills is still a big worry.

Every month, we ask people about what concerns causes them stress in their life. Employment tends to affect men, health issues worry older people, while the "future of my family" causes the most stress for Mums. In January 2016, 35% of the population said money worries (e.g. paying bills) caused the most stress for people and this has not changed year-on-year.

It is important to note that this equates to 1.2 million Irish people, and as a result the cost of living remains to be a key concern for Irish people in 2016.

1.8 million people feel stress.

While positive consumer sentiment has increased in the past 12 months, over half the population (53%) claim stress is the emotion they felt the most in the past 6 months. Unfortunately for the nation, this remains constant from the past 12 months with over 1.8 million people experiencing stress.

In comparison, on a positive note, 1.5 million people have felt happy the most. Year on year this has remained same, but our future reports will demonstrate whether consumer sentiment translates into this positive emotion.

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