Looking ahead.

Based on the themes and areas which have consistently come up through interviews, focus groups and survey with thousands of Irish people this year, we explore the key areas which Ignite will investigate and monitor in 2016.

Health and Well Being

Much of our research in 2015 has focused on food and fitness. We have worked with the health service looking at people’s behaviour when it comes to health.

There has been an increase in how we prioritise both our physical and mental health, however we have a long way to go before we are a healthy nation. We will continue to observe health conscious consumers in 2016.

Value Vultures

As some exit their recession, we have spoken to hundreds of people in 2015 about their relationship with money and value. Irish people have figured out how to be savvy.

From flying certain airlines to shopping in discount retailers, the deal conscious consumer is armed with tips and tricks and we will continue to monitor how people get the most value from brands - picking away to get the best offer.

Digital Detox

Ping, beep, chirp… notifications have flooded our lives. From work mail announcements to social media tags, Irish people have told us how they are tired of the endless distractions of digital platforms.

We will keep an eye on the theme of digital detox - throwing the mobile away, escaping to no-3G zones and connecting to the self, nature and human bonds. Brands be warned. 

Authentic Stories

People are sharing more personal stories about joys and sadnesses in their life. From the birth of a new child to how to deal with depression, we are responding more to authentic and true stories.

Cynicism is rife towards brands and organisations which cover up the truth about their products or business and we will track the brand stories and matters which Irish people connect with.

Meaningful Experiences

As Irish people move away from daily financial pressures and re-evaluate what is important to them, they will continue to expect meaningful moments and communications from brands.

We will monitor what people priorities in their world and will provide areas and themes for brands to provide experiences which resonate with people. People want to know why brands exist, their purpose in their world.

Acknowledge Differences

In 2015, Irish people recognised different family and relationships types and many people opened their doors to refugees crossing Europe. There will continue to be a growing diversity in our communities.

Brands will need to acknowledge the diversity within our country and smarter segmentation will allow brands to provide relevant responses to the growing differences between consumers and not one size fits all.