Equality May

After months of debate and discussion, the same-sex marriage referendum was put to the people and 62% voted in favour of everyone having access to marriage. This story was the highest among 15 stories measured for May - peaking with a score of 72.6.

In second position, another social story - 86% of Irish people were aware of the Dunnes Stores staff strike and this news story had an ig score of 64.1. The sale of Aer Lingus was in the top five, maintaining the score reached in March of 59, while Sepp Blatter managed to make an appearance with a score of 52.5.

The FIFA story was the story men were more likely to be involved with, as well as the inquiry into the sale of IBRC assets. Irish women (particularly parents) were more engaged with the sad story of the new born baby being abandoned in West Dublin and 12% more likely to have engaged with the Darkness into Light event. This same event also resonated with under 35 year olds.

People living in rural areas were 13% more likely to have engaged with Prince Charles visiting Ireland while those living in cities were 5% more likely to have followed the Irish Open.

The number of people aware of the inquiry into the sale of IBRC assets increased from 51% in April to 62% in May while 70% were aware of the court case regarding RTE and Denis O'Brien. However, more people were aware of the Eurovision (81%).


Only 56% of people were aware that Averil Power had resigned from Fianna Fáil, and also scored low down in terms of importance.