State of the Nation 2015

Throughout 2014, Ignite Research asked the Irish public how they were doing. Were they optimistic, did they believe recovery was on the horizon and if so, how were they coping personally.

These are the results of this on-going conversation between Ignite and the people of Ireland.

The Over 50s are more positive about the year ahead.

We began by asking 1,000 Irish people - Thinking of the economic situation in general, how would you assess the economic situation in Ireland in the year ahead?

The results show that the young (under 25), male and over 50s are more optimistic about the year ahead than other groups. 


November mindset

With a little relief for families in the 2014 budget, Irish people turned to Google to search for Christmas presents on Amazon, catch-up on Love/Hate finale and X-Factor, while also informing themselves about Ebola.


Ireland is divided in three

While over a third (39%) of the country believe the economic situation has stabilised, 25% are somewhat or extremely pessimistic about the future economic health.

36% believe the economic situation in Ireland is improving.

Road to Recovery

Since our research conducted in January 2o14, there has been a slight increase in the number of people who believe recovery from the recession will happen within 2 years (26% of population), however the majority of people (62%) believe recovery remains to be over 3 years away.

In your opinion when do you think Ireland will recover from the recession?

Only 7% of Irish people believe we have recovered

Water protests dominated the media...

During the weeks of this research, thousands of Irish people took to the street to protest against the Government's austerity measures.

There was more interest in the Ice Bucket Challenge

Despite nationwide protests, Irish people searched more on Google for videos of the ice bucket challenge than news or information about water charges protest.

This may suggest that protests were engaged by a minority of the population.

Ice bucket challenge Croke Park style! #upkerry

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1 in 4 still under pressure

While there has been a slight increase in those who feel like "they are doing ok," 24% of population feel they are struggling or are under real financial pressure.

35-44 year olds are still greatly impacted

Managing finances

34% of the population feel like they are doing ok with their current personal finances, this is up from 28% in January 2014. A further 8% feel they are doing well and it is the over 50s who are more likely to admit to this statement.

In terms of momentum, the younger audience feel like they have had greater change in their finances for the better in the past year.


Financial detoxing

Half of the Irish people (47%) said they would put any surplus money into savings,
while 37% said they would pay off debts, credit cards or loans.

1 in 10 said they would go out socialising more often.

Spending Wishlist: Escapism

As some segments of the population move towards managing their debts, they look forward to taking holidays - with 1 in 4 wishing to spend on a holiday after bills are paid. This wish is reflected in the searches relating to holidays across 2014. 


After paying bills, people plan holidays

Money Matters

46% of Irish people worry about money.

18-24 year olds are more likely to be concerned about employment, while 51% of women worry about money compared to 42% of men.

animation (4).gif

1 in 2 can't afford to save.

30% of Irish people are saving in some months,
while only 19% of people save every month.

2015 Spending

While the majority of the population (40%) will keep their spending levels at the same level as last year, there is a considerable segment of the population who will continue to try and save by spending less (45%). The under 34 year olds are more likely to wish to spend more in 2015.

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