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Recovery on the Horizon

At Ignite Research, we love understanding people - how they are behaving and how they are feeling about the world around them. Every month we talk with 1,000 Irish people about their sentiment, their concerns and their understanding of the economy.

This month, we ask is recovery on the horizon?

We are experiencing more happiness

Every month we ask people to tell us what emotions they feel the most. People usually choose 2-3 and this provides us with an indication of how many people are angry or how many people are relaxed.

Twelve months ago, close to 2 million people claimed the emotion that they felt the most was stress and while this emotion is still prevalent (50% of population), Irish people have moved from negative or pessimistic emotions to more positive and optimistic emotions.

In our most recent March 2015 data, we can see 421,200 Irish people are no longer feeling disgust, contempt or fear. In other positive news, there are  568,800 more people feeling relaxed, excitement or enjoyment.

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Compared to this time last year, there are 568,800 more people feeling relaxed, excited or enjoying life.

Growing level of optimism

There is a swing towards Irish people feeling more positive emotions, and in turn our tracking study can see this has had an impact on sentiment towards Ireland’s economic situation.

There are 20% less people feeling somewhat pessimistic about the economic situation and 18% feeling somewhat more optimistic about the economic situation.

While optimism has declined slightly from the optimistic post Christmas days, there are 212,400 more optimistic people in Ireland in March 2015 than there were in March 2014.


Property Pages

While worries about money (paying bills, not being able to afford things) still causes the most stress among 32% of the population, there has been an increase in the number of people concerned about property prices and inflation.

There remains a lack of interest or understanding of the current economic situation, with up to 70% of people in the past few months claiming they only know a little about the economic situation.

41% of people read newspapers or listen to the radio to stay informed about the economy
— Ignite Research, March 2015

This lack of interest in economic news stories has reflected in our ig scores analysis, with economic stories having a below average score. The ig score measures what stories matter to people by measuring awareness and importance.


244,800 Irish people feel better now.

25% of the population now (up from 18% in March 2014) claim "I’m doing much better now than I was 12 months ago" or "I’m doing a little better now than I was 12 months ago."

However, 52% of adults believe "Nothing has really changed for me in the last 12 month"


The same amount of people - 1 in 5 adults - are managing to save some money every month.

An additional 125,000 people will loosen their belts compared to March 2014 - but what will these people spend their money on?

While half would save money they had left over, there are opportunities for travel and tourism services, DIY and home improvements, as well as fashion and clothing retailers.


Cautious Optimism

We are a happier nation, with a swing towards a more optimistic outlook on our economy.

However, there remains to be a divide between those who can afford and those who can not. Understanding the motivations and behaviours of these people is key.

At Ignite, this is at the core of our focus.

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