Despite some summer sunshine, June was a difficult month for Irish people with three dark global stories having a direct impact on our local sentiment.

The stories that mattered in June

Tunisia Massacre: 78 ig

Greece Crisis: 77 ig

Berkeley Tragedy: 75 ig

The main three stories which had the greatest awareness and impact on Irish people were sad stories from abroad. Over 90% of people were aware of all three stories from the frightening scenes on a holiday beach in Tunisia to the tragic experiences of J1 students in the US. There was also a high level of awareness and concern for the economic situation in Greece, with all three stories indicating how human tragedy resonates highly with Irish people.

Similar to previous months, men were more interested with political and economic news stories than women. Men were 6% more likely to be aware of the debate about pension top-ups for former Ministers, and 7% more likely to engage in the story about Anglo Irish executives in court.

Women were more interested in free GP for under 6s and in particular parents (+6% more likely) engaged with this story. Those living in cities were more likely to be aware of Clery's closure while those living in rural Ireland were 9% more likely to be interested in Brian Cowen's appearance at the banking inquiry.

7 in 10 people were aware of the heroic work of the Irish Navy responding to the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean while only 43% of people were aware of rumours that Miriam O'Callaghan might run for presidency.

Poor Pat Rabbitte, the story of his departure from politics was the second lowest in importance for people, while the increased popularity of Fianna Fail was significant for many people.

So what's the ig Score?

Every month, we look back on the top read stories, articles shared online, and radio discussions, to create a list of topics which people may have been aware of.

We ask 1,000 Irish people...

  • if they are aware of any of these stories - this gives us our Awareness metric.
  • the level which they believe these stories had an importance in their life - Importance metric.

From this analysis we can provide a context of what stories had true impact and cut through in a world where everyone is competing for our attention.