What Matters to Irish people

Any news? Any gossip? Irish people love a good story.

We read, listen or watch stories about politics, brands, sports, business, people and entertainment.

We search for news and share stories - but what really matters to Irish people?
What stories, brands and  themes really connect with us and impact on our lives?

The ig Score - measuring the content that matters.

Top 3 Stories in February 2015

#1 Concerns over Jihadist killings

The worldwide news coverage of ISIS  has made Irish people greatly aware of the atrocities abroad and Irish people have rated this the most important story of February.

#2 New Greek Government

Another world story, the new Greek Government negotiating deals with the EU, has been an important story for Irish people.  While a deal looks unlikely, maybe some Irish people were hoping it would mean a better deal for Ireland.

#3 Aer Lingus takeover

The third story this month is the Aer Lingus takeover - with Irish people following and engaged in the story in which IAG has been attempting to takeover Aer Lingus.

So what's the ig Score?

Every month, we look back on the top read stories, articles shared online, and radio discussions, to create a list of topics which people may have been aware of.

Between 21 January to 13 February 2015, we tested:

  • Aer Lingus takeover

  • Elaine O'Hara murder trial

  • Gay Byrne interview with Stephen Fry

  • Hozier plays the Grammys

  • Irish beef back on sale in the US

  • Irish rugby team playing in Six Nations

  • Jihadist killings

  • Lotto changing day of draw due to technical difficulties

  • Operation Transformation

  • Paul Murphy TD and others arrested over water protest

  • Popes' comments on smacking children

  • Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act

  • Ray D'Arcy starts on RTE Radio 1

  • Release of Fifty Shades of Grey

  • STOP drinking campaign and new drinks pricing laws

We ask 1,000 Irish people...

  • if they are aware of any of these stories - this gives us our Awareness metric.
  • the level which they believe these stories had an importance in their life - Importance metric.

From this analysis we can provide a context of what stories had true impact and cut through in a world where everyone is competing for our attention.

So what mix goes into the ig Score. We measure awareness and level of importance.

We can see from these two graphs, which topics people were aware of and the level of importance (a scale of 1 - 100) that Irish people attributed to them.

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Technical difficulties
Lotto changing day of draw due: 35.7

75% of people were aware of Lotto's technical difficulties and 89% of those over 45 were aware of the problems.

Mums were energised
Operation Transformation: 33.44

Women with children were 22% more likely to rate the RTE show as important with 3 in 4 aware of the show.

Only 10% not in the grey
Release of Fifty Shades of Grey: 32.86

A staggering 90% of people were aware of Fifty Shades of Grey, but the ig score was low because it wasn't ranked as significantly important.

Radio 1 new star at bottom of list.
Ray D'Arcy's new RTE  show: 24.88

With substantial TV advertising, 59% of people were aware of the move from Today FM, but those between 25-44 year old were 13% less engaged with this story.