One story connected with Irish people more than anything else.

Learn more about the human story of the year.

Since the start of January we have spoken to over 10,000 Irish people about the stories that matter in their lives. We have measured over 135 stories ranging from sports to festivals, politics to pop culture. Our report this month marks a moment which has scored the highest ig score ever - a story which has resonated with people across Ireland.

The Refugee Crisis which has displaced millions of people has the highest awareness level (96% of people) and the second highest importance score (87%) within all the stories we have measured. This human story has connected with Irish people more than anything else this year.

The second most important story, closer to home, is the continuous homelessness problem in Dublin. 81% of people are aware of the problem in comparison to the third story about next year's budget - 76% of people are aware of discussions about what might be revealed on 14th October by the Minister of Finance. All three stories, despite having complex political and economic elements, are human stories which people believe are very important to understand and improve.

Politicians will need to be conscious of these human stories leading up the General Election.

Stories measured in August 2015

  • Athletic doping scandal
  • Court case involving Jason Corbett's children
  • Discussions about the upcoming Budget
  • Leak of Ashley Madison list
  • Leaving Cert results
  • Migrant crisis in Europe
  • McDonald's new Mac Mor
  • Planning permission for new National Children's Hospital
  • Price of playing Lotto increase
  • Revenue starts to tax AirBnB income
  • Rugby World Cup warm-up
  • The number of families living homeless has increased
  • The passing of Cilla Black
  • The Rose of Tralee
  • Trump increases popularity as Presidential candidate

Digital Dilemma 

The Irish Times reported that up to 115,000 Irish names were leaked by hackers as part of the Ashley Madison dating website, which promises to facilitate extramarital affairs. Men were 4% more interested than women about the site which had a tagline “life is short, have an affair” and it revealed one of the many secrets of the web and privacy concerns which will increase in the future.

As we have written about in previous reports, there are many stories which have a high level of awareness on (but are not deemed as important as others) - e.g. Leaving Cert results, The Rose of Tralee, or the price of playing the Lotto. There are other stories which people believe are important but less people are aware of the stories - e.g. planning permission for the National Children's Hospital, the court case involving Jason Corbett's children or the Athletic doping scandal.

Home and Away

Donald Trump, famous for having plenty of money, being the star of The US Apprentice and owning a golf resort in Ireland has become a popular character in the US, with more people worldwide now searching for him in comparison to the current US president.

Trump is chasing the US Presidential candidate card, but in Ireland more people are concerned about the cost of the Lotto. While it is unlikely Trump will become US President, his suggested "policies" would not be good news for Irish economic and social links with the States.

Looking back

We have now spoken to over 10,000 Irish people and have a strong understanding of what matters to Irish people. Our September ig analysis begins next week and we welcome your suggestions.


By the end of the year, we will have close to 200 stories, many of which are brand stories. Get in touch and find out of if your brand campaign, sponsorship or story is connecting with people.