Before we enter the silly season of summer, we have taken a look at 30 news stories which engaged Irish people in April and May.

The Top Stories of April

The main three stories for Irish people in April were the Nepal earthquake, the same-sex marriage referendum and the arrival of Irish Water bills. As always the ig Score assessment measured these and 13 other stories in terms of awareness and importance in people's life.

Irish men were more likely to have followed the UK general election and the Irish banking enquiry, while Irish women were more likely to have been aware of the marriage referendum debate and the tragic story of Karen Buckley.

The only story which was more popular with under 35 year olds was the fight between Mayweather and Pacquaio.

Those living in cities were more likely to have followed the bus strike story while people living in rural areas were engaged with the story about Ireland topping the EU obesity report.


Despite Irish people believing that the debate about the sale of SiteServ is important, only 1 in 2 people were aware of this story in comparison to the 91% of people who were aware of the birth of the royal baby.

86% of people were aware of the Dunnes Stores workers strike and men were more likely to be aware of the industrial action.

So what's the ig Score?

Every month, we look back on the top read stories, articles shared online, and radio discussions, to create a list of topics which people may have been aware of.

We ask 1,000 Irish people...

  • if they are aware of any of these stories - this gives us our Awareness metric.
  • the level which they believe these stories had an importance in their life - Importance metric.

From this analysis we can provide a context of what stories had true impact and cut through in a world where everyone is competing for our attention.