What's the diagnosis?

Brand tracking models are often retrospective - too concerned about what happened and not about what is happening. At Ignite, we are working towards creating information which will keep you up to date on the health of your brand.

Through real-time measurement, we can make informed and responsive decisions rather than waiting for the monthly brand tracking report. We also insist on providing  a full context, so we plug in all sorts of data available to us.

How It Works

Your brand health can be determined by multiple factors and our framework integrates all the context:

  • Key brand metrics: awareness, consideration, affinity, associations
  • TV ratings
  • Search volume
  • Social conversations online (e.g. twitter)
  • even the weather or national sporting events.

We believe brand tracking should create a value of insight to inform communications. As customers expect more responsive work from brands, our brand health tracker is kept as up to date as possible as new data collection tools become available.


We provide a web dashboard which is as easy as viewing as your Facebook account. You can quickly check on how your brand is performing and not have to wait for a monthly or quarterly update in a Powerpoint presentation.

Through a collection of interactive graphs, you can access information which provides you with full context of how your brand is performing. How is your media spend impacting your brand awareness or how is online chatter effecting your brand consideration?

Your real-time dashboard will provide all the information on the health of your brand.