Helping to develop creative content.

With years of experience measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, we understand the importance of testing creative work, but also acknowledge that research can often stifle the creative process.

We believe creative testing should

  • identify and nurture ideas - from rough to finished executions 
  • seize opportunities for brand innovation, making informed decisions (not hunches) earlier in the development process
  • ensure that the client, the research agency and the ad agency are all aligned and understand the ‘action standards’ and the overall objectives

How It Works

Through collaboration between Ignite, planners, client and creative teams, our content testing delivers results which will help develop (and not judge) creative work.

It is designed to be a process in which all parties are involved in to ensure we gain learnings about the work.

Our framework incorporates:

  1. Agreeing the action plan - ensure everyone (agencies, research & client) are on the same page.
  2. Creative development labs - workshop with consumers to measure their engagement with the work, whether they find it memorable and whether it drives them to an action.
  3. Analysis and direction - A collaborative de-brief and option to re-test with respondents.